And the eyes go to the banking sector. "We're going to look very closely at the banks ... A lot of stocks have already risen," said Mobius CNBC, speaking from the sidelines of the Global Islamic Economy Summit in Dubai this week.
After praising the euro, Mobius spoke eventual tapering and difficult to quantify the consequences for developing countries, but the guru is convinced that the stroke of the Taurus is not over yet. As for the frontier markets suggests Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. 
But now it seems the time to return to Greece.

That's who is moving

Templeton Emerging Markets Group is not in fact the only one to have expressed interest in the greek market. Renaissance Capital Holdings is also monitoring the area, while Paulson and JP Morgan Chase have already bought shares of emerging market funds. For example, JP Morgan has bought shares in the retailer Jumbo and jewelry maker Folli Follie, after more than three years ago had eliminated the Greek bonds from its European Small Cap Fund.
According to many investors, the prospects of the country are completely changed in the past and there are now many good opportunities: this company very well managed and very cheap valuations. Greece is just emerging from the crisis of profitability and growth - according to experts - will emorme if you will have a positive growth of GDP.